CLT3 Consulting employs a rigorous and comprehensive set of analytical security assessments and operational techniques to identify, assess and manage opportunities, vulnerabilities and risks associated with businesses, government entities, or high-profile individuals or initiatives.

We strongly believe in order to eliminate risk of any type you must have a well thought out plan to ensure positive, productive and essential necessary outcome and results. It’s imperative that you have a structural, logistical, operational and visual plan both mentally and graphically if necessary, to follow the course to minizine and or eliminate your risk. Risk stem from legal liabilities, accidents, deliberate attacks from adversaries, even pandemics and we all have seen and felt. Once risks have been identified, CLT3 associates assess the probability of occurrence, potential severity and determine possible impacts such as damage, loss, image reputation and possible future loss that is not seen at the present time.

The fundamental difficulty in risk assessment is determining the rate of occurrence since statistical information is not always available. In the case of a pandemic (which statically occurs every 100 years) no individual or business should dismiss the opportunity to plan and prepare for future unknown risk. This includes, corporations, non-profits, the health industry, religious institutions, schools, stores, condominiums, co-ops, apartments, community centers and more. It is more important to plan and prepare for potential risk and vulnerabilities that could have a major image and financial impact to your business. This is where CLT3 will recommend and help you choose necessary and appropriate security equipment, prepare your policies, procedures, guidelines and processes. We gather all the complicated, yet necessary information and present it to you and your team in a way that is easily understood, allowing you to prioritize and make clear decisions that are best for you, your company and your brand.

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