Since its founding more than a decade ago, CLT3 Security Consulting has grown and collaborated with a select group of industry partners.

SGI Logo2-1Sphinx Group International seeks to make the world a safer place by providing world-class defense and law enforcement consultants who uphold our core values of Integrity, Honor and Excellence. All SGI consultants are dedicated to the idea that we will always be honest in our dealings, we will always do the right thing, and we constantly strive to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Our Expert Advisers are some of the most experienced in the industry; averaging ten to twenty years experience in the field. We come from a variety of backgrounds in Law Enforcement, the Military, the Intelligence Community, Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement, Academia, and the Private Sector. Many of our advisers have multiple combat deployments and all have extensive experience in the most challenging environments on Earth.

The Topaz International Group is a well-established Jordanian business management company based in Amman Jordan. Topaz is an international company working throughout the Middle East to include Saudi Arabia. Topaz specializes in: business management consulting, major events, information technology, specialized training courses, computer software, security hardware programming and security access control systems.

I3 LogoI3 Ideal Innovations Incorporated, established in 1998, is a veteran-owned firm that offers technology development, consulting, and program management services. I3 specializes in biometrics, forensics and technical services. Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc, has certified them in quality management and quality services under the ISO 9001:2008 standard. In 2013 the Department of Defense awarded them an $18 million dollar contract. Their international services include not only forensic and technical solutions but providing complimentary long-term training, technical and consulting services.

MENA Consultants is a confederation of service providers focused on business development between the U.S. and the Middle East & North Africa. Through our extensive network, we connect companies and individuals with a variety of potential regional partners, vendors, public and private agencies, and professional services advisors etc., creating a transparent, real-time “matching system” to facilitate more effective and efficient business transactions. Lastly, MENA Consultants International LLC pursues direct contracts for performance by its membership through various sources such as the US Government, MENA public sector, the World Bank and regional development banks, as well as, the broader private sector.