Since its founding more than a decade ago, CLT3 Security Consulting has grown and collaborated with a select group of industry partners.

The Dufour Collaborative is one of the nation’s premier experience design firms. For more than a decade, Dufour has curated experiences that are grounded in strategy, produced with precision, and elevated by invention.

At Harbinger, moments can be shaped into meaningful and change-worthy experiences with your brand, organization or movement. But they don’t just happen on their own. Sometimes moments need a little nudge, a touch of foresight or a media barrage. How do they do it? By reverse-engineering your outcomes and audiences, Harbinger engraves a detailed plan, infuse creativity, and incite engagement.

EDENS is a retail real estate owner, operator and developer of a nationally leading portfolio of 125 places. Our purpose is to enrich community through human engagement. EDENS knows that when people come together, they feel a part of something bigger than themselves and prosperity follows— economically, socially, culturally and soulfully.