Risk Analysis & Risk Management

CLT3 Consulting employs a comprehensive set of investigative, analytic and operational techniques to identify, assess and manage opportunities and risks associated with businesses, agencies or high-profile individuals or initiatives.

Event Security Planning

Whether your event involves ten people or thousands, is in your home or a major venue — CLT3 runs security and logistics from the beginning to the end to ensure that your event runs safely, smoothly and successfully.

Safety & Security Training

We provide our clients with the skill sets they need to stay free from danger or threats. We use our vast knowledge and expertise to help our clients where ever they may go and for whatever security threats they may encounter.

Peace of Mind

We take pride in providing that extra touch of personal perfection and attention to detail that our competitors just don’t offer. Our goal is to ensure clients feel included, that they are welcomed, and they feel special. We take pride in working with various businesses, professions, industries, and government entities, from the private sector, to politicians, entertainers, and athletes. No contract is too small or too large. Our mission is to ensure you, and your event, are safe and secure at all times.

Health Safety

As society continues to evolve with personal health and safety concerns, so does CLT3. We have taken extra precautionary steps to increase our screening process for venues of small and large crowds. Conducting security assessments, we limit the number of associates working on a particular assignment. With group events, we ensure we have the appropriate number of staff assigned to ensure we get the job done correctly, safely and you and your guests feel safe and secure. On personal assignments, we have taken extra precautionary steps with necessary health safe equipment traveling with our associates at all times. CLT3 has not changed the professional and personal touch we are known for; we’ve just gotten better for you.