Our Team

Each member of CLT3 Consulting is an expert who provides access, insights and advice across a breadth of security areas crucial to delivering results for our clients.

Cheryl Tyler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer 
With more than 25 years’ experience in the security, intelligence and risk assessment industry, Ms. Tyler has developed an expertise in logistical advance, investigative skills, intelligence threat and risk assessment and analysis, and criminal investigations. As a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, Ms. Tyler was a training instructor at the Secret Service Academy and the first woman of color assigned to the Presidential Protective Division, where she served on protective duty for Presidents  Bush and Clinton. She conducted hours of logistical advance work for world leaders’ visits to the United States, events in private and public venues for Presidents, Vice Presidents and dignitaries in the US and abroad.

Hector Santana, Senior Director/Aviation, Port & Rail Security
Mr. Santana created and was the “Original Director ” of the Special Operations Division (SOD) covert testing program in TSA. The primary role of SOD was to test for systemic vulnerabilities, at airport passenger screening checkpoints, checked baggage screening, access controls at airports system wide and domestic air cargo screening facilities. The testing has expanded beyond aviation to include vulnerability testing in rail, ferry and bus systems. Mr. Santana collaborated with the TSA Office of Global Strategies in an outreach/engagement effort to discuss the TSA testing programs with European, Asian and Australian civil aviation authorities.

WescottJames Wescott, Senior International Aviation Advisor
Mr. Westcott’s knowledge of civil aviation spans from the UK’s busiest airports in safety and security to include complex aviation projects in the Middle East and Central Asia. He is well versed in aviation emergency response to major accidents, including aircraft crashes and hijacks, acts of terrorism and also contributes to master planning at a national level for civil contingencies. He has expertise in civil aviation authority structures, aviation legislation and regulatory compliance including auditory inspections and corrective action programs. Mr. Wescott and his team offer strategy and solutions on all ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices to governments, private entities, airlines and airport operators.

Wayne Black,  Senior Director/Financial Forensics
Mr. Black has more than 36 plus years of professional investigative and security experience in the public and private sectors. His expertise includes complex internal and external investigations for governments, financial institutions and corporations. He is a subject matter expert (SME) for security assignments in the United States, Africa, Europe, Central and South America. Mr. Black designed Q Clearance programs for the US Department of Energy. He has also trained DOE officials in special security operations and personal protection. He was a guest speaker for the Transnational Crime Conference in Madrid, Spain and provided television news interviews for the Malaysian Crash in Ukraine.

HarrisAndrew E Harris, Senior Domestic & International Security Advisor
Mr. Harris has over 35 years of experience in federal law enforcement, workforce protection and financial management. He had an illustrious career as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service working domestically and internationally with government entities, organizations, and corporations. His expertise in financial crimes, computer security, employee embezzlement, identity fraud, personal protection and anti-terrorism is an asset to CLT3. Mr. Harris has executed major operational reviews and vulnerability analyses, infrastructure risk mitigation and physical security plans. He has been responsible for complex counter surveillance operations, intelligence, investigations, and various security training programs.

Harry Lim, Managing Director, Asia
Mr. Lim is an international business developer and financial adviser. His expertise is working with startup ventures to assist with the expansion of businesses, corporate and project finance, with particular expertise in Southeast Asia . Mr. Lim is a Director and Board Member of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in New York. His experience stems from being an Associate with the lobbying firm Kimmitt, Coates & McCarthy in Washington D.C. and Vice President of International for Burns & McDonnell, a billion-dollar Engineering, Architecture and Construction corporation.