A great deal of logistical, and location planning and preparing goes into place when it comes to planning security for any type of event. CLT3’s team of associates come from the private sector, military and public sector. We have experience working as heads of security for leading corporations, serving within the United States Secret Service and working with the White House Advance Office. CLT3 has worked clients from every business genre domestically and internationally. Our team has  been responsible for the security layout design, overall management and implementation of t security plans for; major political conventions and events, entertainment and sporting events, corporate conferences, economic summits, weddings, non-profits, high net worth individuals, and entertainers. We work with you as an individual, your HR representatives, your event planners/coordinators etc. We can work with the team or we can be the team! We are here to help.

Whether your event involves ten people or thousands, is in your home or a major venue — CLT3 runs security and logistics from the beginning to the end to ensure that your event runs smoothly and successfully.

CLT3 Consulting uses experience, professionalism to:

  • Develop operational security and risk management plans
  • Develop emergency preparedness plans
  • Liaises with all third-party vendors
  • Coordinate with local, state, and federal authorities
  • Provide highly trained personnel

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