Pokemon Go- or Stop

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Candidate Security on the Campaign Trail

In an unsafe world, who keeps world leaders—and potential leaders—safe? Geopolitical instability and ongoing terrorist activity raise questions about the security of political candidates on the American 2017 campaign trail. In most countries, top leaders are protected by governmental or personal security attachments. British Prime Minister David Cameron is protected by the Metropolitan Police and […]

Tips for Avoiding Socially Engineered Data Breach

A hefty IT budget, high-end security tech, and a roomful of analysts often cannot stop a well-crafted social engineering hack. Instead of exploiting a gap in hardware, hackers target humans to gain access to network data. It is called social engineering. In 2013, Target Corporation suffered a brand-damaging hack that pilfered the personal information of […]

The Challenge of Risk Management in a Volatile Security Environment

From data to physical security, corporate risk management is changing daily. Market challenges require an agile, rapid business response to a wide range of security threats. Whether your business is local, national, or global, you must take action to identify risk and protect your brand reputation through a comprehensive business continuity plan. In 2015, the […]

Active Shooter: What Should You Do?

Recent events in the United States and abroad leave many people wondering how to stay safe in public. Tragic attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, and Colorado Springs can make adults and children fearful in public spaces. Because my company develops and coordinates protection services for high-profile targets, I frequently offer advice on personal and organizational […]

Is Your Enterprise Prepared for a Nation State Attack?

“If you are connected to the internet, you are vulnerable to determined nation-state attackers.” – NSA Deputy Director, Richard Ledgett, October 2015 Nation-state attacks are on the rise, and a recent report states that most organizations are not cyber ready to identify or deter a serious attack. Foreign agent attack or nation-state attacks are cyber […]

CLT3 Announces Alliance with Decision Sciences

CLT3 Security Consulting is pleased to announce the formation of strategic alliance with Decision Sciences International Corporation (DSIC). CLT3 recently participated in the unveiling of DSIC’s newest security technology, the Multi-Mode Passive Detection Systems (MMPDS) at the Freeport Container Port in Freeport, Bahamas. Testing of MMPDS was conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security […]

CLT3 Marks Five Years of Exceptional Client Service

CLT3 Consulting celebrates five years of providing unparalleled security solutions for individuals, companies and government entities. Founded in 2010 by retired US Secret Service Special Agent, Cheryl L. Tyler, the firm specializes in Risk Assessments, Financial Forensics, Investigations, Professional Administration, Security Training, Major Event Planning and Management. CLT3’s strongest asset is its team of security […]

The Baltimore Riots

The country is well aware of the racial, political, and economic and law enforcement tension in Baltimore. Protest marches in solidarity with Baltimore are taking place in New York City, Washington, DC and Philadelphia. In light of this tension, CLT3 was retained by Dr. Anderson, pastor of the Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD to […]

The Middle East and North Africa Need Your Skills

CLT3 recently participated in a networking session sponsored by the Middle East and North Africa Consultants Association (MENACA) on business opportunities in Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Morocco. Representatives from country embassies and the private sector discussed the areas of need for business opportunities.  Throughout the conversation it was stressed and encouraged by the speakers the […]