CLT3 Marks Five Years of Exceptional Client Service

CLT3 Consulting celebrates five years of providing unparalleled security solutions for individuals, companies and government entities. Founded in 2010 by retired US Secret Service Special Agent, Cheryl L. Tyler, the firm specializes in Risk Assessments, Financial Forensics, Investigations, Professional Administration, Security Training, Major Event Planning and Management.

CLT3’s strongest asset is its team of security professionals, with diverse backgrounds in federal law enforcement, intelligence, cyber security, the military and corporate America. Over the course of our careers, we have provided logistical security operations for US Presidents, world leaders and corporate CEO’s. We have developed multi-disciplinary courses to include linguistics; international security training and basic domestic refresh security training. CLT3 has also provided security consultation and risk assessments for government agencies, political organizations and law firms representing high profile legal cases.

We continue to provide domestic and international consulting for financial breaches, aviation, port and rail security training. CLT3 has participated in international security trade missions in Indonesia, Singapore, Columbia, and Panama and Cartagena. Our team is often invited to review and comment on new security technology and equipment that could help enhance the safety and security of our citizens. CLT3 had the honor of providing security logistical advance work for major events such as the National Democratic Convention, the Global AIDS Summit, the African Leadership Summit, international Soccer Teams, the AT&T Classic and the Congressional Black Caucus.

CLT3 is in a caliber of its own in more ways than one. We are a unique, woman-owned consulting company providing the highest quality of security consulting to government entities, corporate America, high profile clients and others who need our assistance but want to remain discreet. We are proud of the quality of services we provide to our clients and look forward with anticipation to the next five years and beyond.