The Middle East and North Africa Need Your Skills

CLT3 recently participated in a networking session sponsored by the Middle East and North Africa Consultants Association (MENACA) on business opportunities in Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and Morocco. Representatives from country embassies and the private sector discussed the areas of need for business opportunities.  Throughout the conversation it was stressed and encouraged by the speakers the importance of developing international business partnerships and relationships. It was highlighted that the uses of the Free Trade Agreements are viable and valuable tools in each of these countries when conducting business.

Each country is enhancing their existing infrastructure in all areas such as; utilities, transportation, education, healthcare, aviation and security. The speakers were able to provide successful business ventures.  As with any business, small, medium or large, prudent steps should be taken prior to negotiating a contract. One should research the business opportunity, competitors, due diligence of partnerships, understanding laws, regulations and most importantly cultural differences.

CLT3, Critical Path-Solutions and Ridge Global consulting companies are all members of MENACA. Our three companies are forming a security consulting committee within MENACA. One of our goals is to discuss security challenges business face when marketing their business internationally.  Each company has had hands on experience of working overseas. We are looking forward to developing a security business template to assist companies navigate business opportunities that will parlay successful outcomes in this region of the world.

Working with MENACA the security committee will be a “lifeline” for providing clients with security consultancy services for this region of the world.